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My Penis Size

Many men feel that their penis is not large enough and ask “How do I increase my penis size?” This, however isn’t really what these men should be asking. They should understand that, though the average penis size is believed to be around five and a half to six and a half inches when erect, penis size does not generally affect a man’s sexual ability or his worth. This is not to say, however, that penis size does not decrease a male’s self worth or self value. Many men who believe that they are too small and are asking “how to enlarge my penis size” are likely doing so, because they feel that they are not adequate and feel embarrassment at the size of their penises.  This often leads to a severe lack of confidence, and women often feel unattracted to men who are insecure or who lack confidence. This will lead men to believe that the women are not attracted to them due to the smaller nature of their penis, when in fact, the women are not attracted to them due to the fact that they let their small penis size bother them. This is obviously a very damaging cycle that can invoke dangerous self loathing and even lead to sexual impotence or other emotional issues.

My Penis Size

Learning how to increase penis size is not really the answer. Learning to appreciate one’s body is the real answer. Those who fall short of the average penis size and who wish to increase penis size will often try many different options, most unsuccessful, to increase the length or girth of the penis. Many pills and devices claim to work, though they often have no results or results that are barely noticeable. Men will spend a great deal of time and money trying to figure out “how to enlarge my penis size,” and will often end up with very disappointing results. Instead of wasting time trying all of these products, men should simply learn to love the size of their own penis and spend time learning how to sexually please a woman. Sometimes, researching which positions work best with a small penis is also a good option.

Why do men feel the need to keep trying all of these different things to increase the size of their members? This is due in large part to pornography. Pornography often potrays men as having unusually large penises, and these men are usually pleasuring beautiful women. This, however, is not the real world. Just as the women in those movies have abnormally large, usually fake breasts that are not the norm, the penises on these men are anomalies, not anywhere close to the norm.

Most women are not overly concerned with penis size. In fact, many prefer a smaller penis as larger penises can cause pain or discomfort during intercourse. Women would rather have a man who cares about their sexual needs and who takes the time to try and pleasure them than a man with an enormous penis. Simply trying to be a good lover, possessing confidence, and enjoying the time spent with another person is what leads to good sex, not figuring out how to increase my penis size.

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