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My Penis Size: Increase Penis Size

If you are a man who has ever asked, “What are some ways I can increase my penis size,?” then this is the right site for you! In this article, we will discuss some of the popular exercises to increase penis size as well as a variety of other methods. It is important to remember, however, that none of these methods are guaranteed to increase penis size, though they have worked for some individuals. Results are always a very individual thing, so men should understand that their personal results may differ from the result of others.

A quick search of the internet will reveal a wide variety of increase penis size exercises. While many of these are simply a waste of time, jelqing is believed to be the most worthwhile. Jelqing is a technique of “milking” the penis anywhere from ten to thirty minutes a day, resulting in an increase in penis length. These exercises to increase penis size have been used for hundreds of years, possibly more, and most men who follow the exercises daily have reported positive results. These results, however, are usually not extremely noticeable with a growth of anywhere from half an inch to a full inch being the norm. Stopping the increase penis size exercises will result in the penis going back to its natural size.

Those who do not wish to have the burden of doing these exercises daily may think that various penis enlargement pills, pumps, or other devices are their best option. This is a tricky area, as some of these pills and devices can do more harm than good, and many have proven to be complete scams. If you are considering taking any type of penis enlargement medication, you should first speak with a doctor, and if possible, present him with a bottle of the supplement or a list of the ingredients in the supplement you are planning to take. He or she will usually be able to tell you if the medication is safe and if it has the potential to work or not. The same rule applies to pumps. While they may not do internal harm to you, they can cause bruising or pain of the penis, particularly if they are not used correctly.

Some men have surgery in order to increase the size of the penis. It is important these men have counseling before the surgery to be sure this is a change that they really want to make. Surgery is usually very painful and individuals who have this type of surgery will have to suffer through a very long recovery period for what are often very minimal results. It is important that this be considered for the serious medical surgery that it is and that it not be gone into lightly. You should know that none of these products are a guaranteed answer to the oft asked question, “How do I increase my penis size,?” but they are the options available to you.

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